iOS 15.2 will help you spot third-party iPhone parts


Apple will soon help you discover unreliable iPhone repair shops and partial sellers.

According to Gizmodo, Apple revealed that iOS 15.2 settings will include a parts and service history” section (under Settings > General > About) which will indicate not only whether the battery, camera, and screen have been replaced, but whether these parts are recognized. by Apple or not.

If a component is listed as an "unknown part", it is either an unofficial or an already used part of another iPhone, or it is defective.

Anyone who owns an iPhone XR, XS, or second generation iPhone SE can see if the battery has been replaced. Starting with iPhone 11 and above, you can see if there is a screen switch. While you will be able to see if the camera has been replaced with iPhone 12 and above.

These alerts won't prevent you from using your device, Apple said, so if you're comfortable using unofficial parts and losing warranty coverage, that's fine.

iOS 15.2 should be released soon. It is not yet clear whether iPad owners will see such a feature.

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