iPhone 11 Pro with rare error printing sells for very expensive price

 A tweet from the Apple Archive revealed that a unit of the iPhone 11 Pro was recently sold at a price of $ 2,700, 2.7 times higher than the original unit price, and it led to an increase in the price of this unit as a result of a design mistake.

A mistake in printing on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro led to an error in the design of the phone, as the Apple logo was printed on the back away from the location designated for it in the middle, which led to an increase in the price of this unit.

The internal archive of Apple confirmed that the possibility of such mistake when printing is very rare, so this unit was one of the rare iPhone units produced by the company, which led to an increase in the price of the iPhone 11 Pro to 2700 dollars.

On the other hand, Apple launched the beta version 7 of the iOS 14.5 update, and this update turned the green color in some iPhone 12 units to a dull and bad degree.

It is expected that the iOS 14.5 update will be pushed to iPhone users with a set of new features during the coming period, as this update comes with some of the important features that many iPhone users are looking forward to, as this update supports registering in the phone in the presence of masks by an hour Apple smart.

Also, the iOS 14.5 update is set to bring higher standards to protect users from tracking applications for the user and targeting them with ads in the presence of access permissions, and this update also introduces audio improvements and modifications to Siri and more than 200 new emoji.

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