Mozilla has been a victim of hacking

If you use Mozilla Firefox, this should interest you. However, do not panic.

Friday, an official Mozilla informed on the official blog of the foundation that it has recently been a victim of hacking.

Rather, it is the tool called Bugzilla which was targeted by hackers. This is a test tool and bug tracking.

As explained in the publication, most information on Bugzilla are public. However, access to certain sensitive safety information is available to people with high privilege levels.

But the hackers that attacked Mozilla have found a way to steal this sensitive information in order to attack users of the Firefox browser.

The good news is that this intrusion has been detected and according to Mozilla, Firefox version which was released on August 27 (Version 40.0.3) has already blocked the loopholes that hackers who orchestrated this attack could learn or use to attack the users of the Firefox browser.

Furthermore, the Bugzilla tool has already been updated to avoid such incidents.


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