Microsoft deploys Skype 6.0 for iOS and Android

Microsoft has completely redesigned the Skype interface on its mobile versions, this is a very big facelift, but especially a better ergonomics, to offer a new user experience, much more fluid. New features are also emerging in Skype 6.0.

A major update of Skype 6.0 in the field of mobile

Those using Skype on their iOS or Android smartphone, will be a very important difference between messaging before and 6.0. The most obvious is in the overall design of the Microsoft messaging since everything has been redesigned and improved. The result is that Skype on mobile is more fluid, more aesthetic and much more ergonomic than before!

Microsoft made this big change to meet the new recommendations in the area of ​​design, namely the specifications "Material Design". Skype 6.0 also incorporates new features such as a "+1" button, for example, intended to add a new action easily, as a new video call, a chat conversation, search, etc.

The research has just been redesigned. The search engine will allow to instantly find a specific contact or a past conversation. This change will be greatly appreciated by regular mail users because it will make them valuable time.

Other notable changes, note: the interface that sets better read messages still unread messages, browsing the principle of "creep", simplifying sharing (photos, URLs or emoticons) for audio and video calls or more flexible navigation controls.

To download Skype in version 6.0 is here!

Here are the download links of the Microsoft messaging:

Download Skype for iPhone
Download Skype for Android
Download Skype for iPad


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