Apple suffers from slowing demand for iPhone 13

A new report from “Bloomberg” confirms that Apple has started warning its suppliers of declining demand for the iPhone 13 series ahead of the year-end holiday season.

Apple is facing some snags with the iPhone 13 series at the end of this year, as the tech giant has notified its suppliers of declining demand for the iPhone 13 series.

The report indicated that Apple had begun to change its production forecast for the iPhone 13 series in October from its original target of shipments of 80 million units, to a lower target of only 70 million units, which is less than the original target by 10 million.

The report also made it clear that Apple changed its original goal as a result of the lack of configurations for the new releases, but Apple expected to compensate for its loss next year with the improvement in the production of configurations.

The report confirms that Apple has already made it clear to its suppliers that the company may not reach the expected orders for the iPhone 13 series.

The shortage in global markets in the production of chips has affected many manufacturers, including car manufacturers, which led to production cuts.

It is noteworthy that Apple’s production cut was not limited to the iPhone 13 series only, as Apple decided to reduce the production of iPads, while some analyst reports indicate that Apple will achieve an increase in sales by 6% in the last months of 2021.


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