Image shows what appears to be the design of a phone "Galaxy S 6"

Publication of "Antonio Monaco" Italian journalist specializing on technical matters in his tweet on Twitter, a leaked image appears to be a model for the design of the next Samsung phone "Galaxy S 6" appears.

It may not be what the picture shows only a prototype shows the general shape of the phone, which does not guarantee In case of Sahtha- that this will be the final shape of the product.

It is noted that in the picture phone curved slightly while the main button seems to be more in length with a little more rotation angles of the previous Samsung phones. While the headset jack and microUSB slot at the bottom is in. The sensors front and the camera has moved from the right to the left for the headset. While operating and control buttons came the sound in the right side of the phone.

Recall that Samsung is expected to announce the phone during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, with the conflict of leaks about the quality of the materials that make them the phone between metal or glass.

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