» »Unlabelled » Galaxy Note 8 is coming with 256 GB internal storage

A picture forthe phone has been posted with offers on the gifts that users will get when they buy it.
The most important things confirmed there is a copy of the Galaxy Note 8 with a storage capacity of 256 GB, and while the poster confirms that this version will be available in South Korea, we hope that Samsung decides to launch this version and provide it around the world.

The second important thing is the offers that will come the phone: If you purchased the 256 GB version you will choose a wireless headset from the AKG industry or a small printer, and if you purchase 64 GB you will receive a purchase card worth $ 88,you can buy with it a Gear VR or LED phone cover. The only strange thing about this picture is the lack of information about the 128 GB version, which may mean that it will not be available in some Asian markets, and will be launched only in European and American markets.


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