Review for the phone OPPO R7

On 2014 OPPO has launched her mobile phone R5 and who carried the least thickness title in the world of smart phones, but with many sacrifices, including a small battery size and Nothingness port for external memory and neither those audio port 3.5 mm so the company decided to put forward a copy replace all previous problems by announcing a mobile phone R7 which will cost approximately US $ 399

Design and manufacturing quality:

The phone comes with a thickness of 6.3 mm making it one of the least thickness, the total weight is 147 grams. The phone comes beautifully designed.  rear camera with 13accurately.

The phone carries the company logo in the back and you'll notice there are LED colored flash, headset foreign found in the back of the bottom and in the front there is a protection layer 2.5 of glass and that will help you get a smoother browsing system and buttons for controlling the system supports multi-touch technology front camera accurately five Megapixel with headset calls and a some of sensors.

On the right, there are buttons to control the sound level, a closed port to gain access to a two slides to support fourth-generation networks with the knowledge that you can take advantage of the second port as external memory in the event that the 16 GB not enough you can raise capacity to 128 GB. Power button is located on the other side and all three buttons work excellent response.
There is a microphone next to the rear camera and the other at the bottom of the mobile phone next to a USB is small in size and the upper side there is audio port of 3.5 mm and the battery is non-removable with size of 2320 mAH.

Screen and Sound:

OPPO R7 comes with a five-screen inches at a resolution of 1080 in 1920 and heavily pixels 445 pixels per inch with Super AMOLED , which means that the colors will be saturated and the angles of vision which is excellent, but the level of lighting is average and especially if you use the phone in the sun you need to raise Lighting 100%, in terms of the texts it is very clear, and 445 pixels inches is sufficient on the phone of five inches in size.

Sound comes out from the back at the bottom level and a good sound in terms of clarity

Performance and battery:

The phone provider with eight processor cores Snap Dragon 615 random memory 3 GB processor of graphics of Adreno 405 and because Oppo Light Color OS 2.1, the phone works seamlessly when browse and open applications and play some games.

The phone's battery isa non-removable 2320 mAH and forgotten the technology of fast shipping  provided by a company known as VOOC which will allow you to charge your phone very quickly.


Mobile phone with a camera accurately 13-megapixel, with sensor of Samsung ISOCELL you can record a video with 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and the front camera comes with 8-megapixel accurately.


The phone comes with system of Android 4.4, known as kitkat an old system but the company promised to update the phone as soon to Android system of lollipop. The phone on the other hand comes with fully modified interface, known as ColorOS which does not appear to you anything that has to do with Android system KitKat, but the interface has become almost a new and lighter design includes every part of this interface and the version 2.1 has become much smoother.

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