» »Unlabelled » Samsung may "steal" one of the features of iPhone in its next Note 8

The new features of the Galaxy Note 8 will probably not be enough for Samsung, with new reports suggesting that the Korean company will include its next phone with one of the most popular features of iPhone, the 3D-touch screen.

The 3D-touch screen provide additional user-customizable options. These screens vary depending on the severity of the pressure on them: A simple push will open the application, while the long press will show a menu of options that include various shortcuts for different tasks within the application itself. Although Google has provided this feature programmatically in the version 7.1 Android Noga, it seems that companies intend to support it in a standard way using screens capable of sensing different degrees of pressure, Huawei previously had its Force Touch technology.

Now comes the turn on Samsung, where a new report from The Investor Korean that it intends to adopt this technology in the next Galaxy Note 8, in order to exploit the large area of the screen, providing different options for the allocation of control buttons and move based on the screen.


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