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With iPhone 8, Apple will eliminate the actual main button, which has been a major component of iPhone since the first generation in 2007. So the question is how Apple will deal with the lack of an actual key button? Well, it assumes that the actual button will be replaced by a default button, and now thanks to the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, we've been able to get some details about how it works.

According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, he explained that he got some details indicating that the size of the default button on the iPhone 8 phone will be adjustable. This means that it can adjust itself according to the application used at that moment, and becomes more dependent on the need of the application.

The default main button can also be hidden, which means that applications that switch to full screen mode will allow the default button to be removed from the screen to avoid distracting users. It is also possible to hide the application's bottom bars under the default button, and at the moment it does not seem to allow users to change the color of the default main button, which does not seem surprising given that Apple always likes to unify the user experience on its devices.

Nothing has been mentioned about whether there are fingerprint recognition features associated with the default main button, which again confirms the validity of reports that Apple will not include the fingerprint sensor on the device screen.


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